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Logistics Support International, LLC is positioned to provide both domestic and international logistic services.  Our professionals have a combined experience spanning the supply chain from vendors to manufacturers, distributors, third parties, carriers, retailers and consumers. Our industry experience includes consumer products, electronics, computers, chemicals, industrial goods, metals and minerals.  

We believe logistics is your company's key element as it competes in the present global environment. When understood and deliberately  implemented, logistics becomes a powerful competitive weapon.  In today's aggressive environment it is no longer sufficient to solely focus on transportation cost reductions and optimization.   Product distribution, channel management, information systems and customer services must also be considered as part of the equation.

Let us help you identify and achieve your logistic goals!
We provide a wide range of services in the following categories:
     (Click on a category below for more details on our services)
Logistics Assessment, Network and Outsourcing Analysis
Transportation Management
Logistic Administrative Functions
Logistics Operation
Systems Integration

We offer those attributes you look for in a business partner:

Ability to listen and identify your company's logistic requirements!
Extensive industry experience with functional hands-on know-how!
Quality focused project management!
Small business focus and commitment!
Large corporation knowledge, experience and contacts!
Ability to obtain quick results by remaining agile and flexible in responding to your changing needs!
Approach every project as though we were the client ourselves!
Logistics technology/tools and experience!

Our industry professionals can help you better understand logistics, improve your networks and processes and manage the overall effect it has on your bottom line.

The following links have been selected to provide information pertaining to both domestic and international logistic issues.    

Links to valuable web pages providing useful logistics information

Looking for an Educational Resource in Logistics? Check out the Institute of Logistical Management

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