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Weekly Retail On-Highway Diesel Prices.   Go to the bottom of the first page and select "Weekly On-Highway Diesel Prices" ; then select "HTML".
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Trucking Industry News
National Motor Freight Traffic Association link providing information on how to obtain such items as NMFC Guide [National Motor Freight Classification];  SCAC Directory  [Standard Carrier Alpha Code directory]; SPLC [Standard Point Location Code] and  Meeting Schedules for the NMFTA
Airline Industry News
Intermodal Industry News
Journal of Commerce Handbook for International Trade
Import & Export Industry News

U. S. Customs Services  Ports of Entry and

U.S. Customs Harmonized Tariff Schedule 2003

National Weather, Traffic and Road Closure Information
Transportation & Warehousing Buyers Guide
On-lineSupply Chain Courses  
Interactive Units Converter
World Wide Currency Coverter
Current Local Times Around the World
Institute of Logistical Management  

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