Logistics Support International, LLC deals with all modes of transportation, warehousing, freight payment, customhouse brokerage, third party warehousing, and distribution services.
Network/Baseline Analysis

Logistics Support International, LLC will conduct a network or baseline analysis of your current logistics activity and identify; the physical flows [lanes & volumes], the total transit times, and the total cost associated with the product from manufacturer to end customer.  This baseline analysis is a critical step in the process of identifying logistics costs, establishing objectives, defining improvements and implementing cost saving plans.

Network Optimization

Logistics Support International, LLC will help you determine your optimal distribution network.  We will identify the appropriate physical infrastructure (number of plants, production lines, and distribution facilities) to support your supply chain at your optimum cost structure.

Outsourcing Feasibility Study

Logistics Support International will help you identify the costs and benefits of outsourcing various functions such as, but not limited to,  freight payment, warehousing and transportation.  We will develop a comprehensive analysis identifying all aspects of cost and service related to the function. We will then help you weigh the factors against your company goals to determine if outsourcing is right for your company.


Develop and Document Request for Proposal (RFP)/Request for Quote (RFQ)
Develop a customized and comprehensive  RFP/RFQ defining your service requirements:
specifying your transportation lanes and volumes
volumes and services to be considered
warehousing and  third party service (3PL) requirements
outlining criteria measurements to evaluate the performance of the service provider
the terms under which the services will be provided

Analyze RFP/RFQ Responses

Analyze and recommend solutions in accordance with the RFP/RFQ. We will explore every opportunity to maximize your service levels while minimizing your total logistics costs. (Warehouse and modal selection recommendations will be based on the lane patterns, customer demand, service requirements, and commitments provided by service provider.)

Conduct Contract Negotiations

On  behalf of the client, conduct contract negotiations and negotiate the basic order agreement [BOA]  with service providers to secure the most favorable rates and services, adding logistics value, not high costs.

Carrier Performance Management  

Provide ongoing customized carrier performance reporting and management services. We can also identify, recommend, implement, and train your resources to conduct your own carrier performance, management, and reporting programs.


Contract Administration Management

Logistics Support International, LLC will provide the initial contract and documentation to your service  providers as well as any required contract administration support.  Our contracts are comprehensive, including:

Basic Order Agreements [BOA] to document the terms and conditions

Service Requirements identifying business specifications, contacts, measurements, and reporting responsibilities  

Rates including base rates, accessorial costs associated and definition of inclusions or exclusions.

Freight Bill Prepayment Audit and Post-Payment Audit Programs.

We will work with you to implement a program that will identify and report costly errors due to the application of incorrect rates, classifications, discounts, and accessorials, by recapturing and/or avoiding these potentially lost dollars.

Loss and Damage Claims Management

Develop and implement a loss and damage claims program. The program will include educating your personnel on the terms of sale, required documentation, filing requirements, statute of limitations, negotiating settlements and opportunities for loss and damage prevention.   


Import/Export Operations

Provide training for import/export operations to develop and implement processes, identify and contract with service providers [customhouse brokers; freight forwarders; carriers, intermediate warehousers; packaging facilities etc..] to optimize the international process or;  analyze your current international process and network to identify potential cost savings and/or opportunities to streamline your process.

Domestic Operations

Review current shipping/receiving operations to streamline process and reduce errors.  Report on findings and recommended a plan to improve process by means of a closed-loop process. Provide training to personnel on proper shipping/receiving procedures, and document an operations manual with the  following considerations:

Step-by-step how-to manual, defining the shipping and receiving process
Approved carrier lists with contact name and numbers
Problem resolutions


Provide a system process analysis to evaluate the current  efficiencies and recommend solutions
Develop and implement solutions  
Design and develop management reports
Automate repetitive tasks, such as BOL's, freight payment, and carrier performance tracking
Evaluate software requirements